(2018-2023) The way I use drawing at the moment is more for what it can teach me, as a way of bringing my subconscious into my work in a very real way. I sometimes let it lead me in a direction of discovery. 
Just before Covid, I embarked on a series of drawings/paintings Acrylics and it was like a free drawing exercise about the general decay of my body (12 pieces in total). 
I also made the effort to show the work outside Ireland to broaden my perspective when it came to feedback.


They contain the darker, forgotten aspects of life lurking ominously within the frame as I used soft cartoonish, humorous tropes as a front in this body of work.



There are references to positive approaches in the upbeat colour and childlike presentation while dealing with the traps of physicality, decay of the body over time, and impending death. A focus also on the enlarged brain moves the viewer away from the dominant supreme physicality of the body often represented in the mainstream media. The illustrations are playful but also stark and foreboding.

This body of work links into how I view the body as a failing system and sometimes the rapid nature of the body’s decline creates anxieties and a desire to explore how to approach this situation. They also had an influence on future projects.