The Burden of Imagination (The Grey Temple pt. 3)

Video Installation (2022); The work is a non-narrative questioning of how humans communicate and search for meaning. The piec

Tour: Dublin, what can we see? What do we want?

(2022) A question was posed at the beginning asking everyone ‘what was one thing about Dublin they would like to change?’

IMMA Performance (The Grey Temple pt. 2)

Performance (2021); Focused on the responsibility of the leaders of religious structures. This piece already took place as a p

The Grey Temple pt.1

Video Installation (2021); In this latest work, a religion is established on the idea that there is a deity that can speak th

The Disappearance

Performance (2020); Footage of the inside of a building with difficult heritage, (a former Magdalene Laundry in Donnybrook, D

Moving toward Meatyard

Moving toward Meatyard, Performative image (2019); After being inspired by the stylistically haunting photographic works of Ra


Illustration (2018); The darker, forgotten aspects of life lurking ominously within the frame as I used soft cartoonish, humo

Leave It On

Installation (2012); Leave it on, is about the cycle of forced emigration that continues to happen within Irish culture. A yo

Consciousness / Soul

Painting (2010); The artist’s education has been very much in the use of the visual components of colour, tone, shape, line

Socialising and Alcohol

Experimental Film (2010); about the isolating effects of social detoxing when breaking the cycle of drinking alcohol in Irela