The Disappearance


Performance (2020); I am also very interested in the past and people’s reactions to our collective past. When I leave my house every morning there is a chimney tower just to my left and it is the Magdalene Laundry in Donnybrook. It has been green-lit for demolition. The fact that I see it every day is my only connection with this piece of traumatic or difficult Heritage. I was conflicted, I wanted to do a project on it but I didn’t want to be encroaching on people’s suffering when I had no real involvement in any way to the Laundry.

However, I was interested in the people around the building who also had no real connection to it, only location. Because of their vicinity to it, they have a real chance of lodging an objection to any new outcome or demolition. So I went and did a project that was deliberately being dealt with from the outside and dealing with the existence of the physical building.

I got footage of the inside of the structure. The building itself has a very much fortress feel to it so the general public can’t access much of it, just really a wall. I invited via a leaflet in the door, all the other houses around that could also see the Chimney stack.  I went and created a new space by projecting the inside of the building onto the outside. The idea was to invite open discussion about the existence of the building and traumatic heritage in general. No one showed up, I held the space and projected the footage anyway. For me The Laundry is still there so there might be another attempt or variation on this theme.